New WHO (2010) semen analysis reference limits - January 2012


WHO Manual for the Examination & Processing Of human semen (2010), Fifth Edition

The World Health Organisation introduced new guidelines in 2010 to improve the quality of semen analysis and comparability of results. Data characterizing the semen quality of fertile men, whose partners had a time to pregnancy of 12 months or less, provided the reference ranges for this manual. Prior to these new guidelines the WHO (1999) standards were commonly used in laboratories across the UK. These are the guidelines we have used and still use in The Hull Andrology Laboratory. We are however, aiming to switch to the new guidelines in January 2012, to ensure we are working in line with the current best practice standards and offering a high level of service to our users.

Please download our newsletter below to observe the important changes to the reference limits.

Andrology Newsletter, November 2011 (PDF)