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Welcome to the Hull IVF Unit

The Hull IVF Unit is East Yorkshire’s only specialist fertility unit. Our friendly and experienced team consists of specialist doctors, nurses, embryologists and administration staff  who are supportive and dedicated.  We have been helping to create families for more than 25 years and perform over 300 treatment cycles each year. 

Whoever you are and whatever your situation, we can help you; whether you are having difficulty achieving a pregnancy naturally, in a same sex relationship, you are a single lady, or if you require donor eggs or sperm The Hull IVF Unit will be able to provide you with an individualised treatment plan tailored for you. We also have specially trained fertility counsellors who you can see for confidential, independent counselling or support, which is  provided free of charge should you need, or require it.

Here at the Hull IVF Unit, we encourage partners to be present during ovum retrieval and embryo transfer procedures to provide support for their partner.   (The only exception to this would be ovum retrievals carried out in theatre under general anaesthetic).

The Hull IVF Unit also runs it own successful donor recruitment scheme.  If you are interested in helping other people by donating your eggs or sperm, please do not hesitate in contacting us and discussing this in more detail with our donor co-ordinators.

We are also pleased to offer fertility preservation.  Whether this is because of medical reasons or you are in a high risk occupation we may be able to help you by freezing your eggs, sperm or embryos.


The Aim of the Hull IVF Unit


"Here at the Hull IVF Unit we aim to deliver safe, skilled care in a professional, caring manner.  We involve our patients in all aspects of treatment and decision making."