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Our evidence based philosophy for treatment success and transparency

Following the recent BBC Panorama investigation into the additional services ('add-ons') offered at some UK fertility clinics, we at the Hull IVF Unit, understand that patients may have been alarmed by the issues raised in the programme. We would like to take this opportunity to address any such concerns.

Firstly, we would like to thank those patients who have contacted us, and spoken of their gratitude for the way in which they were treated at the Hull IVF Unit. Over the years we have striven to provide the most effective treatments possible, founded on a reliable current evidence base. Couples receive treatment individualised to their specific needs, and we endeavour to deliver an excellent standard of care, one that we would wish for our own family members (as indeed has happened on several occasions).

A central component of our philosophy of service provision is that all our patients should have the same standard of care. We provide our private patients with a fully itemised treatment plan detailing what is included in the price. There are no hidden additional costs. Furthermore, we are committed to providing a safe, successful, cost-effective and innovative service.

We are often asked about specific interventions, or 'add-ons', and we recognise the important role we play in providing information about the efficacy of these investigations/services that allows our patients to make informed choices. We do not advocate the use of any interventions that have no observed benefit, and we provide clear guidance for any initiatives of moderate quality evidence. Additionally, we regularly review and update our practices in-line with emerging evidence to ensure all advice given is both relevant and meaningful. If we are convinced that an intervention will be of benefit then it will be introduced on a trial basis, to ensure it will be of benefit to our patients, specifically if additional cost to our patients is necessary.

If you have any concerns or worries we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact the Unit.

Stephen Maguiness, Medical Director, The Hull IVF Unit




Every Friday the  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) update their website regarding the Countries affected by the Zika Virus and any recommendations regarding fertility treatment and pregnancy. 


If you have travelled to, or are planning to travel to a Zika affected Country, it is imperative that you discuss this fully with a member of the Hull IVF team before undertaking any fertility treatment.   


For more information regarding the Zika virus and the recommendations by the ECDC please see:


There is also information on the World Health Organisation website - - seach Zika Virus.  


If you require any further information about the Zika Virus please do not hesitate in contacting us  Contact Us


UPDATE:   from the 7th August 2015 North East Lincolnshire CCG have reduced their allocation of funding from three fresh cycles to one fresh cycle for all new patient referrals.    They have also changed their allocation for current patients within the system and for further information if required, please contact their customer care team on 03003000500



Press Releases

For information regarding the time-lapse imaging we are currently using at the Hull IVF Unit, please see the press release below:

See our recent press release in the Yorkshire Post regarding our success rates.

Please see our recent article in the Yorkshire Post written by Dr John Robinson, our Scientific Director.  Article_September_2014_Yorkshire_Post.doc - if you would like any further help or information regarding our clinic please contact us on 01482 382648.